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Chapter Points




Outstanding Leadership Awards are given to all members earning 300 POINTS throughout the school year.  All FFA members who have received 300 points will be eligible to attend a field trip with the chapter at the end of the year.  In order to attend Texas FFA State Convention in the summer, FFA members must either be on the incoming officer team, receiving an award, or have accumulated 500 POINTS throughout the school year. A $50 deposit will be required to attend FFA State Convention.  At the end of the year, whom ever has received the most points by working the football game concession stand, will receive a $100 gift card. Good luck in achieving this prestigious award!

Chapter Activities

Chapter Meetings                                10 pts.   @ Meeting (Double @ Christmas)

Farm Workdays, Cleanups                                                         5 pts.   @ hour

Ag Mech. Projects (limit 4)            20 pts.   @ WCYF, 30 pts. @ Major Show

Show Projects (limit 4)                   20 pts.   @ WCYF, 30 pts. @ Major Show

Fair Fund Serving Line                                                        25 pts.   @ hour

Fair Fund Auction Item                                                          15 pts.   @ item



Meat and Fruit Sale                                                                    3 pts.   @ item

Concession Stand                             30 pts.  @ varsity game, limit 3 per game
(Double at Parents Night and Homecoming)

Concession Stand                             15 pts. (per game) @ JV, Freshman, JH game, limit 3 per game

Other Fundraising                                                                      5 pts.   @ hour



** Leadership points are awarded as follows:


Chapter Level                              10 pts.

Invitational Judging                   25 pts

District Level                            50 pts.

Area Level                                 75 pts.

State Level                                 100 pts.

National Level                            150 pts.

Sweepstakes Award                    25 pts.


Activities included are as follows:

Judging Contest

Office Held

Leadership Team



Award Nominations

Degree Checks

Speaking Events


Special Events As Announced      





Boling FFA Chapter Point Guidelines Amanda Hecox 8/16/2018 71 KB



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