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Quality Counts

4-H and FFA working together to enhance the educational opportunities for youth to ensure the wholesomeness of food products produced through youth livestock programs

Link to Quality Counts:

Every exhibitor that is planning to show a breeding or market animal at any major livestock show is required to take to the Quality Counts test. 

To become verified:
Pass the online test with 80% correct answers (8 out of 10)Exhibitors only need to be verified once as a junior and once again as a senior.  Junior is 8 and in the 3rd grade through 13 years of age as of the previous August 31st.  Senior is 14 years or older as of the previous August 31st.

Exhibitors may take the test as many times as needed to achieve an 80% score.

What happens once you pass the test?
You are given a Quality Counts verification number and the online system allows you to print a personalized certificate.
Hold on to the Quality Counts verification number and use it when asked for by stock shows as a part of entry requirement.

What happens if you forget/lose your number?
Take the test again and get another number.  You can become verified as often as needed.

Texas Trail:
The “Texas Trail” is an online self paced guided experience through Quality Assurance and Character Education with your livestock project.  The overall experience takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and can be stopped and restarted as many times as needed.  With a unique user log in each participant has their own personal experience.



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